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Accounts Receivable Financing is our Business. 17+ years in business

  • Discounting Rates at 1.59% - 3.5%
  • Optional Libor & Admin fee
  • Credit Lines starting at £20,000 & up to 10 million
  • No Financials - No monthly minimums - No invoice minimums
  • No facility fees - No audits - No up-front fees - No hidden fees
  • Set up account in 3 to 5 working days - 24 hr funding thereafter
  • Customer referrals upon your request
  • We Make Same Day Decisions
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Simple Financing Solutions for Manufacturing

It is quite common in the UK for manufacturers to experience slow payments from customers due to credit terms offered. Dealing with orders that need to be fulfilled due to lack of cash flow can stall growth or ruin the reputation of a company. If your manufacturing plant is experiencing slow payments from customers, 1st Commercial Credit offers a quick and simple way to release cash flow by utilizing one of our invoice finance programs. We go the extra mile to provide fast and flexible factoring or invoice discounting for manufacturers. Our company is able to provide you with financing based on your sales ledger asset without asking for additional collateral. We focus our approvals based on the credit capacity of your clients and not the financial strength of your company.

Increasing Your Operating Capital

We are capable of providing you with invoice finance solutions along with flexible terms in contrary to the rigid requirements of traditional financial institutions. We help businesses in realizing that their receivables can be converted to funds. With our flexible funding program, you can come up with more cash flow that would allow you to enjoy other perks like getting discounted materials because of early payment, opening more credit accounts to new customers, enjoying the discounts offered by suppliers for bulk orders and a whole lot more. There is no need to miss out on great business opportunities just because your funds are insufficient.

Hassle-Free and Quick Processing

We do not want our clients to wait for long before they can utilize the additional funding. Hence, we make everything less complex and much easier. We only require:

  • Accomplished 2-page application
  • Comprehensive aging report for the accounts receivable
  • List of customer with specific credit limit request
  • Duplicate copy of Articles of Incorporation
  • Rate confirmation agreement
  • Invoices to factor

Our Advantages Over Other Financial Institutions

  • We do not require financials
  • No monthly minimums to worry about
  • No invoice minimums
  • No fees for facilities
  • No fees required for set-up and no hidden charges
  • Decision is done within a day
  • Quick account set-up is done in 3 to 5 working days
  • Funding is provided within 24 hours
  • Customer referrals may be provided upon request

Invoice Discounting Rates Starting at 1.59% to 3.5%

  • No monthly requirements.
  • No financials needed.
  • No setup fees

Common Client Problems We Resolve

  • Insufficient funding due to slow turnover from your sales ledger
  • Manufacturers which are experiencing rapid growth but sales history and earning would not suffice for traditional loan
  • Newly established businesses which have not acquired stable financial base
  • Sporadic or seasonal sales which interrupts cash flow
  • Manufacturers which are hindered to get traditional financing due to past credit history
  • Lost their eligibility to get a new credit line due to prior violations

Make Us Your Partner Towards Success

We understand that being a manufacturing company, you have to offer credit terms to your customers. In most cases, entrepreneurs in the manufacturing field fail to realize that their sales ledger is the best asset to use when obtaining additional funding, Our invoice finance solution for manufacturers provides crucial liquidity throughout the supply chain. Our customized solution would provide enhanced profitability and consistent cash flow. With our solution, you would be completely aware of the cash flow issues caused by your business growth. When your business grows rapidly, your bank facility might be hampered by gearing considerations. However our factoring or invoice discounting for manufacturing plants is not restricted by gearing ratios. Instead our tailor-made flexible solution would free up your working capital to take advantage of changing demand due to seasonal peaks and troughs.

To get additional financial assistance, you can also opt for our purchase order financing which enables you to utilize funds that are tied with deposits or letters of credit.

Simply give us a call or contact us online so we can answer your queries and concerns regarding our available financial assistance options.

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Receivable Financing Rates

Discount Rates at 1.59% to 3.5%

  • Quick Approval Process!
  • No Financials up to $350k
  • Easy Set-Up in 3 to 5 Days
  • Over 17 years in business
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