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A career in administrative work can be rewarding unto itself, or it can be a pathway to something greater. When you hear people talk about climbing the corporate ladder to success, more often than not their journey starts with an administrative job of some kind. The great thing about administrative jobs is that they can be the most entry level position in an organization and they can still lead to success down the road. The young boy who starts off in the corporate mail room can someday run the company. It has happened before, and it will happen again.

Utilizing an administrative placement firm has advantages for the employment candidates and the companies that are hiring. For the candidates, it is easier to use a placement agency to find the job that they want as opposed to trying to find the job on their own. For the companies, they can use placement firms to take on the costly process of recruiting and then be rewarded with the personnel they need. It is a situation that the corporate world refers to as a win-win, and the placement firm wins because it gets the chance to further its corporate growth by helping employment candidates to match up with the companies that are looking to hire.

Finding An Administrative Job Can Be A Chore

Whether you are an experienced office manager looking for a new job or a high school graduate who wants to land that first job, a placement firm is going to be your best bet to find what you are looking for. A staffing agency has hundreds, and possibly thousands, of employment contacts that you do not have. The agency has all of the inside tracks on the administrative jobs in the area and the companies that are hiring are looking to the employment firms to find the kind of employees that will fit their needs.

With a placement firm, you can work on a contract basis with a company that could someday lead to a full-time position, or you can work on a temporary basis for a lot of companies and have your pick of employers. When it comes to getting the maximum amount of exposure for your administrative career, you will be hard-pressed to find a more perfect vehicle than an administrative placement firm. These are professionals who make it their business to find out who is hiring and what kinds of needs the local job market has. With that kind of resource on your side, you are destined to find the administrative job you are looking for.

Companies Can Relax With An Administrative Placement Firm On Their Side

Administrative positions make up a significant part of any corporation's workforce and they fill many of the critical management positions in every company. But when an administrative employee is just starting out, his value to the company is not nearly as significant as it would be later on his career. That is why corporations of all sizes have been looking for ways to cut down on the costs of recruiting entry level administrative personnel for years. The answer is to utilize the services of an administrative placement firm and bypass all of the costs and time that go with recruiting and screening.

Whether a small or medium sized company needs temporary personnel to keep up with a peak in demand in the mail room, or there is a new office manager needed, an administrative staffing company is the solution. These professional organizations spend their time recruiting and screening employees to find the perfect ones that can fit into the company's corporate structure. It is true that administrative employees make a company successful, and the work done by administrative placement firms becomes critical to organizations of all sizes.

An Administrative Placement Firm Needs Strong Funding To Be Successful

There are several elements to a successful placement firm that must be funded at all times to work properly. Recruiting and screening administrative personnel in a variety of job positions and with a wide variety of experience takes a lot of time. Maintaining and updating this valuable database is a task that requires experienced personnel and a lot of equipment. To maintain the equipment and keep the screening process going, an administrative placement firm needs a solid cash flow at all times. Without these two functions, the company would be unable to provide the kind of personnel its clients require.

Once an administrative placement firm starts to develop its database, it needs clients to sell to. While it is true that qualified and reliable administrative personnel are in demand, there is also a great deal of competition in the administrative staffing industry. The successful placement firm does a great deal of marketing and sales activity to find the local and national clients that require placement services. Sometimes it just takes that one moment where a customer sees an advertisement and then decides to call, while other cases are the result of relentless sales and marketing work by a placement firm that is trying to be successful.

Past Due Invoices Can Slow An Administrative Placement Firm's Success

The cash flow that an administrative placement firm needs depends almost solely on the company's ability to collect on outstanding invoices. Each day that an invoice is not paid is one more day that the company must find another way to meet its ongoing obligations. For a company that moves as fast as an administrative placement firm, bank lending simply will not work. Bank lending is inconsistent with its time table and you never know how much funding you will be approved for. Bank lending also comes with interest debt that, in many cases, continues to compound over time.

Every staffing company knows how much they have outstanding in invoiced sales because they can see that information on their aging reports. There is a way to turn those invoices into cash on or before their due dates, and turn those past due invoices into cash within 24 hours. Accounts receivable funding will help you to fund your staffing company by advancing you cash against the face values of your outstanding invoices. There is a small lending fee deducted from each invoice, and the rest of the cash goes directly to your company bank account. 1st Commercial Credit is a worldwide leader in accounts receivable funding and we have the programs you need to keep your business on track.

1st Commercial Credit Is The Financial Partner You Need

1st Commercial Credit is not a bank, which means that you will never have to deal with the red tape and hidden fees that come with doing business with a bank. We have no set-up fees and we do not have any per invoice or per month minimums. When we work with you to approve your invoices, we use your clients' credit profiles and not your company's credit information. We can help your company improve your cash flow even if you have tax liens against your company or if your company has just come out of bankruptcy.

Don't wait until your administrative placement firm has to start turning away clients because of bad cash flow. Let 1st Commercial Credit show you how we can use our receivable funding services to turn your outstanding invoices into cash flow. We have years of experience working with administrative placement firms, and we have the flexible financing programs you need to fund all of your ongoing business activities.