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Any business thrives on knowing what its options are and understanding how to use those options to its advantage. A good business owner spends a great deal of time researching the many different choices he has on everything from finding new vendors to handling financial issues. It is important that a business owner have a comprehensive idea on what kinds of options he has to help fund his business, because he never knows when a situation will come up that he needs to bring emergency financing to his organisation. Then again, if he does his planning properly in the first place, he can avoid those emergency situations completely.

When it comes to funding a business, there are several options that a business owner has to choose from. The most common choices are bank borrowing and investors. But each of those choices has drawbacks that could make them bad ideas under most circumstances. One choice that not enough business owners consider is factoring. After doing just a little research, the average UK business owner would be able to find out that factoring is a financing option that can prevent many financial emergencies and also diminish the need for bank borrowing. Your company would not need to bring on more investors if it is able to sustain itself with its own invoiced sales. Factoring makes that kind of cash flow a reality and presents itself as the only real funding option that a business needs to consider.

Factoring Makes Many Other Financing Options Unnecessary

When you get involved in a factoring programme with 1st Commercial Credit, you will be able to have a sustained cash flow that can be used to pay bills and fund other projects. It seems like such a simple statement, but it is actually filled with promise for a company’s future. When you have the kind of resilient business line of credit that factoring creates, then you no longer need to worry about borrowing money to make payroll or pay vendors on time. That means that your company will not have to put all of those service charges and all of that interest debt on your bottom line. It clears your sales ledger and gives you a reliable way to manage your company’s finances.

Factoring will allow you to meet payroll, pay vendor invoices and supply your own funding for growth initiatives that will move your company to a new level of profitability. Normally, releasing a new product line would mean borrowing money from a bank and going deeper into debt. But when you work with 1st Commercial Credit on a customized invoice factoring plan for your business, you will have the funding you need out of your invoiced sales to release your next product. When you have the kind of reliable cash foundation that factoring creates, you spend less time applying for loans from the bank and more time making decisions that will bring success to your business.

1st Commercial Credit Is A Business Partner That Serves A Purpose

Earlier, we had discussed investors as being a possible solution to financial issues. The problem with getting involved with investors is that they usually want something more than just a rate of return for their investment. In many cases, investors want to help manage the company and keep an eye on where their money is going. For a business owner who is trying to run his company based on his personal vision, the addition of an investor with a say in management decisions can be disheartening. The ideal business partner would be one that offers a financial solution to problems, but does not want to have any say in how you run your business. That is the kind of partner you get when you set up a factoring arrangement with 1st Commercial Credit.

1st Commercial Credit becomes a partner in your business because we endeavour to understand what your business needs to become successful. We work in a variety of industries around the world and we take a comprehensive interest in understanding each industry. We do this because it is the only way that we can create a factoring plan that fits your company’s needs. We work with you to develop a programme that supplies you with cash and allows you to meet the challenges that our industry creates. If we do not know those challenges, then we cannot help you meet them. But we are not the kind of partner that wants a say in how you run your business. We offer factoring services that allow you to meet your financial obligations, but we have no interest in running your business. We let you run your business and allow you to focus on achieving all of your corporate goals.

Exploring Financial Options Makes A Business Owner More Prepared For Challenges

The hesitation to utilize new methods of funding a business is understandable. After all, a business owner does not want to get involved in something that could wind up costing him money that his company does not have. That is why the smart business owners spend a lot of time researching financial options and learning what goes into each programme. After a little bit of research, it becomes obvious that factoring is not like the other funding options that are available. Factoring does not add to your company debt and it does not leave you wondering how much funding you will actually get. As long as you know how much you have in outstanding invoiced sales, then you know what to expect with your factoring plan.

The other thing that sets factoring apart from other financing options is how little your company actually has to put into factoring to make it work. There is a small fee for each invoice that is processed, and that is it. Your company is not going to be on the hook for an instalment loan that could last years, or a recurring credit account that compounds interest debt on a daily basis. Everything with factoring is done using your own sales ledgers and your own invoices. You do not take on any new debt and you have no one to really answer to. Once 1st Commercial Credit approves an invoice, you know that the funds will be advanced into your bank account and available to be used. It is that simple and it is that efficient.

In The End, There Really Is Only One Reliable Business Funding Option

Bank borrowing is unreliable and funding from investors comes with a lot of baggage. For most business owners, this would eliminate the two primary options they feel they have for business financing. But when you bring factoring into the equation, you start to realize that there is a better choice for businesses that do not want to be burdened with interest debt or bad business decisions. 1st Commercial Credit can put together a customized factoring plan that will provide your business with a reliable cash flow and give you the kind of financial stability you need to remain competitive in the business world.

You can compare all of the other funding options available to factoring, but you will always come back to the common sense approach that invoice factoring offers. As a business owner, you want to be able to rely on your cash position to be there when it comes time to meet payroll or pay your vendors. When you have a factoring plan in effect, that cash will be there and it will continue to be there so long as your company is working hard to generate sales. Factoring becomes the never-ending source of funding that you need to run a successful business and that is why it is the only real financing option that your company should consider.