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When a business professional decides to take on vendors and partners to further his organisation, he has to be very careful as to who he chooses. There should be a qualification process that includes a comprehensive check of each potential vendor to make sure that taking on that vendor will be a good business decision. Each aspect of a company’s operations is essential, but the way the company handles its finances determines whether or not the company will stay in business for the long term. That is why financial partners require a very close examination before a business owner agrees to make a financial process part of the way his company does business.

A factor is a company that can turn outstanding invoices into cash. It is a process that enhances cash flow and reduces a company’s reliance on bank lending. But when it comes to working with an invoice discounting organisation, there are several factors that must be taken into consideration. When a company reduces its need for bank borrowing, it is going to increase its profits and open up the bottom line. But to get to that point, you need to choose a factor that can become a regular part of your company’s financial process. You need to have confidence in what a factoring firm has to offer before you can plug it into your invoicing machinery.

1st Commercial Credit Is A Factor With Worldwide Appeal

No matter what your process is for deciding which factoring organisation is right for your company, experience must enter into the equation. 1st Commercial Credit is a factor that has financial affiliates all over the world. We do business in 17 different currencies and have experience in working with domestic as well as international transactions. When you want a company handling your invoicing financial services, you want a company that is regarded as an international leader in discounting services for small to medium sized organisations. That is the kind of experience that you need and that is the kind of experience 1st Commercial Credit offers.

Why is international experience so important for your factoring company? Because, whether you realize it or not, you are doing international business that requires special attention. Many UK companies have vendors located throughout Europe, and that creates an aging report with international invoices that can cause challenges for standard finance organisations. 1st Commercial Credit understands the nuances of international trade and can help open doors for your business in other parts of the world. If your company has ever thought of doing business in America, then 1st Commercial Credit has the tools and resources necessary to make those business dreams come true.

An Invoice Finance Company Needs To Know Your Industry

If you are going to trust your company’s cash flow to a single factor, then it is critical that the factor know your industry and the regular challenges you face. 1st Commercial Credit has extensive experience working with companies in a broad range of industries including trucking, staffing, manufacturing and distribution. We have seen the challenges that your business faces and we have the kinds of custom plans that we can mould into solutions that work for your company. A factor with experience can develop a seamless invoice approval system that will not slow your company down, which helps to maintain your competitive edge.

Every entrepreneur has an eye towards the future, and you want your invoice finance company to be there to help you grow. At 1st Commercial Credit, we work closely with all of our clients to help them reach their corporate goals. We will create a sustainable foundation for a business line of credit that will become your growth platform. You will have the confidence of knowing that your cash flow will always be there when you need it, and that is an important part of growing your organisation. Your company must grow to stay competitive, and 1st Commercial Credit is a factor that understands the importance of growth and has the tools to encourage prosperity in the future.

Your Factor Needs To Be Versatile

If you want to deal with red tape and administrative challenges that prevent your company from getting the financing it needs, then you are better off working with a bank. When you need a versatile financial solution to your company’s needs, then you want to work with an experienced factor. Banks have guidelines and rules that tend to cause clients nothing but problems. For example, many banks will not offer financing unless your company has good to excellent credit. In the real world, there are very few companies that have excellent credit. That means that there needs to be another solution for your company to meet all of its financial goals.

1st Commercial Credit never asks to see your company’s credit profile at any point during the relationship. Our job is to utilise the combined strength of your clients’ credit scores in your favour. We work hard to make sure that we have programs in place that can help companies with good credit, bad credit or no credit at all. Our programmes are ideal for start-ups that have no credit history, but need financing to make payroll or pay vendor bills. All you need to benefit from our services is sustained invoiced sales to a roster of creditworthy clients. We will work with you to put an invoice approval system in place and then make what we do an integral part of what you do.

Use An Invoice Factoring Company That Gives You Straight Answers To Important Questions

1st Commercial Credit does not charge account set-up fees and we do not surprise you later on with hidden charges. When you decide to utilise our factoring services, we disclose all of our fees to you up front. You know exactly what you will be paying per invoice for each and every transaction. We have a staff of financial experts who are ready to answer your questions and help make the entire factoring process as smooth as possible. We understand that factoring is going to be new to many of our customers. That is why we take the time to review your account with you and make sure that you understand everything that is being done and every charge you are being asked to pay.

1st Commercial Credit has no per month or per invoice minimums that you have to reach. We will not charge you a penalty if you only have one invoice to process in a month, and we will not charge you a premium if we process 100 invoices in a month for you either. There is no red tape to deal with and no confusing financial documents to sign. Our application is online and very easy to read. We work hard to approve applications the same day that they are submitted because we know that time is of the essence for your business. 1st Commercial Credit is dedicated to giving you straight answers for all of your invoice financing questions and making sure that you are completely comfortable with our service.

When you compare factors, you will find that 1st Commercial Credit tops them all in service, resources and efficiency. Let us show you just how hard we work for our clients by putting together an invoice factoring program specifically for your company. With our focused customer service and expert insight into your company’s financial needs, we know that we will be the only factor you will ever need.