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Why Is Invoice Financing The Right Solution in the UK?

When you talk about business solutions, you have to be very careful. The implication that something is a solution is that it offers a full resolution to the issue that it was designed to address. If a solution does not cover all of the bases it is supposed to cover, then it appears as a failure in the eyes of the user. For example, a payroll service that says it offers a comprehensive service, but does not take care of payroll taxes, is not a complete solution. It becomes one part of the solution for an ongoing issue for business owners all over the UK. To be a full solution, that payroll offering would have to also deal with taxes and all other payroll issues.

Most business owners spend a great deal of time looking for solutions to their corporate financial issues. The problem is that most programmes that bill themselves as financial solutions only offer part of the resolution to a company’s problems. In reality, many of the misdiagnosed financial solutions that companies try to utilize actually make the problem worse in several different ways. It is difficult to find something that can actually be billed as a real financial solution, but they do exist. Invoice financing is a real financial solution and 1st Commercial Credit offers real programmes to help your company meet its economic goals.

Invoice Financing Solves Cash Flow Problems

Before we can positively identify invoice financing as a legitimate funding solution, we first have to determine what it actually does for businesses. Invoice financing turns outstanding invoices into cash and creates a sustainable cash flow that can be used to meet ongoing financial needs and also help fund future projects as well. Invoice financing eliminates the need for bank borrowing when it comes to meeting pressing financial matters such as making payroll and paying vendors. It can also reduce the amount of money that needs to be borrowed for larger projects by always maintaining a pool of cash on hand to be used at the company’s discretion.

1st Commercial Credit is the premier invoice financing organization in the world for small to medium sized organisations. When 1st Commercial Credit puts together an invoice discounting programme for a client, it is a process that takes only a few business days to set up. After the initial account is put in place, there can be an ongoing process of approving invoices and advancing funds based on the face values of those invoices in only hours. As long as the client can continue to provide 1st Commercial Credit with approved invoices, then 1st Commercial Credit will maintain a business line of credit that can be used to meet all pressing and future financial obligations. In this respect, invoice financing through 1st Commercial Credit is definitely a comprehensive financial solution.

The Strength Of Invoice Financing Is In What Is Missing

It must be clearly understood that 1st Commercial Credit is not a bank and does not deal in bank borrowing. This means that all of the red tape and administrative snarls that banks create which can slow funding down are not there at all. There is not drawn out application process and there is no lending ceiling that your company will hit when you use invoice financing. With a bank, there is an arbitrary maximum borrowing amount put in place that you do not discover until you actually achieve that amount. With invoice financing, you are only limited by your invoiced sales. If your company starts to see an increase in invoiced sales, then you will also see a rise in your cash flow, compliments of invoice financing through 1st Commercial Credit.

Invoice financing does not have the recurring service charges and interest debt that bank borrowing presents. Once again, the strength of invoice discounting is often found in what it does not offer, as much as what it does offer. Instead of adding to your corporate debt, invoice factoring gives you the resources you need to avoid taking on more debt at all. You will have the kind of cash flow necessary to fund new product releases and maintain your payroll obligations without having to wonder if you qualify for outside funding of any kind. As a comprehensive financial solution, invoice financing has everything that a business owner could ever want in a financial partner, and it avoids the things that create more debt for your business. This presents even more evidence to declare invoice financing as a comprehensive financial solution.

The Extra Benefits Make Invoice Financing A Solution That Every Business Needs

To be a truly useful financial solution, invoice financing would need to offer more benefits to a business owner than just a reliable cash flow. 1st Commercial Credit can set up an invoice financing solution for your company regardless of your credit status. The biggest additional benefit of this kind of financing is that you do not need good credit to take advantage of its sustainable cash flow. Companies that have bad credit, good credit or even no credit can all benefit from the services that 1st Commercial Credit has to offer. When your bad cash position damages your credit, 1st Commercial Credit can help you to put your credit back together and get your company back on track.

1st Commercial Credit can help your company even if you are just coming out of a bankruptcy. We have programmes that offer financial help to specific industries, such as trucking and fleet maintenance. When you work with 1st Commercial Credit, you will not have to worry about periodic audits of your books. In most cases, we maintain our relationships with our clients without ever having to see their financial ledgers. What we are interested in is helping you to leverage the combined strength of your clients’ credit situations in your favour. A bank would put you through several different processes before even giving you an answer as to whether or not they can help you with your funding needs. 1st Commercial Credit looks at the strength of your invoiced sales and makes all of our decisions based on the work that your company has done to generate revenue.

Invoice Financing Is The Comprehensive Financial Solution That Your Business Needs

When the evidence is examined, it is obvious that an invoice financing programme from 1st Commercial Credit satisfies all of the criteria required to be called a comprehensive funding solution. When your company requires an ongoing cash flow solution that will provide you with the persistent funding you need to remain strong, then you need invoice financing. If you are having problems with your corporate credit status and it is preventing you from getting the bank funding you need to meet your regular financial obligations, then you need to look at the strength of your own sales ledger and let 1st Commercial Credit set up a programme that is customized specifically for your company.

Every company can benefit from a reliable source of cash flow, which means that every business owner needs to call 1st Commercial Credit and discuss the benefits of invoice financing. The more financial stability you can give your organisation, the stronger your company will be when it faces financial challenges. Through the power of invoice discounting, your company will be able to utilise its own invoiced sales to pay current bills and fund future endeavours as well. When you are ready to take advantage of a comprehensive financial solution that delivers on every promise that it makes, then you are ready to contact 1st Commercial Credit about invoice financing.