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If you ask any small business owner in the UK about the one thing they all need to be successful, they will all respond that they need some kind of an edge. The competition in the corporate world is tough, and it gets even worse for small businesses that do not have the resources to compete with the big corporations. If there is one place where all companies are equal, it is the Internet. A customer has no idea if your company has one employee or 10,000 when he buys your product online. In that way, the Internet has helped to level the playing field for small business. All the small businesses need to do now is find that edge that helps move them into the next level of success.

If you consider the Internet to be the new face of commerce, then you have to admit that there is no edge to be had with online retailing. A single individual could create a website that looks like a grand department store, while the grand department store still has thousands of employees it has to accommodate. If the Internet has levelled the retail playing field, then that leaves finance as the place where small businesses can look for a competitive edge. Each small business wants to find that one advantage that it can have over other small businesses, and the largest competitors in the market.

Cash Flow Is King In The Corporate World

No matter what size your business may be, you cannot be successful if you do not have adequate cash flow. From a large corporation to a small business, the need for cash on hand to pay for ongoing operations is critical. A small business may have lower cash needs than a large corporation, but both organisations are crippled by past due invoices. The large corporation and small business both suffer when they do not have the cash on hand to take care of payroll and satisfy vendor invoices.

Since cash flow is so important, it stands to reason that the company with the most lucid cash flow is the one that has the upper-hand. If a small business wants to be able to stand on the top of its industry, then it needs to look into invoice discounting as its financial edge. Invoice discounting is a service that you run through a professional factor such as 1st Commercial Credit and it will give you maximum cash flow with minimal challenges. The entire process, from application to execution, has been streamlined by 1st Commercial Credit to enhance the financial edge that it offers to small businesses.

How Does Factoring Give Small Businesses An Edge?

No matter how large or small your business may be, you need cash to run it properly. Every business has ongoing obligations that must be met in order to stay in operation. The more important obligations include monthly facilities payments, payroll, insurance payments and vendor bills. If you do not make these payments, then your company could be forced to close operations. A company relies on its cash flow to meet these ongoing financial needs, but that can be a problem when past due invoices start to cripple cash flow. To fill in those gaps, most companies will take on expensive bank financing and put their sales ledgers even deeper into debt.

Invoice financing becomes an edge for small businesses because it allows businesses to pay their ongoing bills without relying on bank funding. 1st Commercial Credit considers your past due invoices to be collateral that is used to advance you cash. It takes 24 hours for an invoice to be approved and have the cash transferred to your company account. That is the kind of service you could never hope to get from a bank. Instead of past due invoices costing your company money, you will have a reliable cash flow that you can use to pay your company bills. Your profit margin increases because of the lack of bank debt in your sales ledger, and your company is in better financial health than the competition.

Invoice Discounting Becomes Your Weapon Against The Competition

When you have a healthy cash flow, you do not need to borrow funds to grow your business. As your invoiced sales start to increase, 1st Commercial Credit will make certain that your line of credit is enhanced as well. While your competition is still trying to pay off the bank loans it took out to meet payroll last period, you have cash to put towards research and development. Your company will have the resources it needs to remain in a position of leadership in your industry. As long as you have the financial means to fund your ongoing research, you will always be first to market with the most innovative products in your industry.

When you set up a factoring account through 1st Commercial Credit, you will be able to make it a seamless part of the way your company does business. Instead of having to initiate a transaction each time you generate an invoice, the system will already be in place and the cash advance process will already be started. You can schedule bill payments with confidence and plan growth initiatives knowing that you will have the funding you need at all times. As your competition falls further and further behind the pace your company has set, you will start to reap the rewards of being a recognized leader in your marketplace.

Make Invoice Factoring Your Company’s Key To Success

Every small business owner establishes his company with the intention on succeeding. But over the course of time, the realities of the corporate world start to make those dreams of success seem like far off impossibilities. Factoring is the key to making sure that your organisation is able to bridge the gap between the milestones in your business plan and the reality of your business progress. When you have a reliable and sustainable cash flow, there is nothing that your company cannot do. You will be able to invest money in growth ideas that you have been planning since the day you opened your company’s doors. All of the plans you had that would leave the competition in the dust can now become a reality.

1st Commercial Credit has been a factor in the UK for a very long time. We understand the challenges that small businesses face and we know how important our services are to the small businesses that demand success. We have financial professionals who are experts in your industry just waiting to explain the process of factoring to you and show you how much you have to gain by taking on an invoice discounting programme from 1st Commercial Credit. If you want that financial edge that a small business needs to compete in today’s corporate marketplace, then you need a factoring account from 1st Commercial Credit.

Call us today and we will discuss all of your options with you. We will put together a customized factoring plan that will fit your business and meet your needs. If you would rather get started right away, then use our online application and we will approve your application the same day you submit it. Your time is valuable and your small business needs cash flow help right now. 1st Commercial Credit can put together an invoice discounting plan that will deliver that help and give your small business a huge financial edge.