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Invoice Financing Can Help Your Start-Up

Invoice Financing Can Help Your Start-Up - UK. There is a great deal of planning that goes into any business start-up, and the majority of the initial planning revolves around finances. A business plan is put together that outlines how...

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Small Businesses Need Invoice Discounting

If you ask any small business owner in the UK about the one thing they all need to be successful, they will all respond that they need some kind of an edge. The competition in the corporate world is tough, and it gets even worse for small...

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Can Factoring Save Your Business?

Business owners work countless hours to make their dreams come true. But every dream has its ups and down, which can break the spirit of anyone. For the entrepreneurs who stay with it and get their companies past the initial start-up...

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How Factoring Works Better Than Bank Borrowing

When an entrepreneur starts his own business, he knows that he is going to have to understand finance if he wants to survive. What he may not realise is that he will need more than just a basic understanding of how finance works in the...

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Use Invoice Discounting To Fund Payroll

Your invoices continue to pile up and your employees need to be paid their wages. Each and every day, UK business owners struggle to maintain the balance between a slow sales ledger and the needs of their employees. Whether you are...

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Factoring OilField Companies in the UK

Thirty- to 90-day pay terms are standard in the oil industry and slow payment turnaround is all too common. Some larger companies are more flexible but the smaller oilfield and oilfield transportation companies often need additional help...

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Making Payroll With Invoice Discounting

Payroll is hardly an afterthought to a business owner, but it is only one part of many important financial matters that require regular attention. The problem for many business owners is that they try to keep payroll deposits on a...

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