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1st Commercial Credit can provide funding services based on existing assets of the business. This allows entrepreneurs to strengthen their capacity to borrow funds by utilizing accounts receivable and inventory as collateral. This financial solution is excellent for businesses which do not have enough capital.

Benefits of Asset Based Lending Over Bank Financing

1st Commercial Credit is capable of giving higher advance rates because of our expertise in handling receivable valuation. Ours is far better than what banks offer because they are tied with lending on tangible hard assets. Banks may also consider inventory and receivables as guarantee but this usually involves a low advance rate.

The primary loan criteria for banks are balance sheet ratios and flow projection which can pull down the benefits that an entrepreneur can enjoy. At 1st Commercial Credit, we concentrate on evaluating the assets of the business and we use this as basis for borrowing power. Because of our expertise in the industry, there will be more funding for businesses.

Even if the client has a current bank line of credit, we also extend our assistance to create an Inter-creditor agreement which allows us to collaterize on assets agreed upon. The receivables and inventory will be turned to us and in effect, the client will have the chance to borrow at higher advance rate.

Asset Based Lending for Business Solution

1st Commercial Credit has provided assistance to a lot of companies with insufficient capital. These are companies which have progressive receivables and their growth has become much more than their cash flow intake. This financial solution is ideal for service companies, manufacturers and distributors which have strong balance sheet so that cash flow remains smooth.

Invoice Discounting Rates Starting at 1.59% to 3.5%

  • No monthly requirements.
  • No financials needed.
  • No setup fees