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1st Commercial Credit is dedicated in providing assistance for companies which are focused on international business. We aim to make it easier to provide additional funding which can be utilized as export finance. Companies which are based in the United Kingdom can now offer better financing terms for their customers across the globe.

We have the most competitive packages which other financial institutions are unable to provide. All thanks to our strong client consolidation, we can cater even to mid-sized businesses which are often ignored by our competitors. With our international factoring services many businesses are able to strengthen their sales efforts and be able to face the global market with confidence.

Why you need our assistance

With the current situation of the international market, many businesses within the United Kingdom are apprehensive to increase the credit line of their clients. Hence, there is an increased possibility of losing sales to other competitors.

To be able to resolve this problem, it is necessary to find a reliable company which is geared with extensive knowledge on credit. That is how we can make business much easier for you. We provide services such as prompt credit analysis, credit insurance approval for a client or a specific transaction, deliver receivable finance and collect the trade currency provided by your client.

How we put you ahead of the rest

Typically, traditional financial institutions do not consider foreign receivables as qualification for borrowing money. That is why, companies which are into international business fail to attain increased funding. At 1st Commercial Credit, we prioritize your needs so we grant International Trade Financial Services which can pump up the performance of your business. To make it easier to reach your targeted sales, we can also work along with your bank or lending institution.

Invoice Discounting Rates Starting at 1.59% to 3.5%

  • No monthly requirements.
  • No financials needed.
  • No setup fees

What predicaments we can resolve

1st Commercial Credit is known for providing the best financial solution for common international business problems such as:

  • Companies facing rapid growth so they need additional funding. However, their sales record and past earnings are not acceptable for traditional loans
  • Companies which are turned down by banks and asset based lenders
  • Companies which experience sporadic sales increase or the sales growth is seasonal
  • Clients who would not want to get an entire credit insurance which covers all their accounts because they simply need one funded account
  • When traditional loan and funding is not an option

How your business qualifies for international factoring

  • If your company sells to customers or businesses with an established reputation and unquestionable credit
  • If the minimum receivable finance is attained

A lot of companies who are into exporting, manufacturing, distribution or service providing, rely on 1st Commercial Credit for foreign trade financial needs. Aside from receivable finance, we also provide other related financial assistance such as purchase order finance, trade finance, letters of credit and credit insurance.

Feel free to contact us and request for international factoring proposal with no commitment. You may also apply online and our expert account representative will get in touch with you to address any of your concerns or queries.