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Since there is a big demand for factoring services today, even banks have ventured into this arena. Despite the fact that they consider accounts receivables as weak collateral, they also offer such services as sideline. Banks could not ignore the fact that this is also an opportunity to pull more clients who need extra financial assistance that their credit options would not be able to suffice.

Just keep in mind that banks are focused on the fees that they can collect for the assistance that they will provide. Hence, there is a big possibility that the fees involved for the factoring service that they provide will be four or five times higher than the fees included for the traditional bank credit line. In comparison, the benefits and services that the full-service factoring company can provide remain unmatched by the ones which can be given by banks.

Invoice Discounting Rates Starting at 1.59% to 3.5%

  • No monthly requirements.
  • No financials needed.
  • No setup fees

Looking into the specific benefits of an independent factoring company will enable you to realize that even if banks seem to have the same offer, the advantages cannot be easily shrugged off.

Invoice Finance Specialist

Invoice Discounting and Factoring Companies are specifically structured and designed to deal with such needs. Hence, they are also geared with staff and experts who know the nitty gritty details of the field. It’s like going to a heart surgeon when you need solution for your cardiovascular problems. You would not go for a dentist for that, right? Factoring companies are fully knowledgeable when it comes to accounts debtor credit. They have the best advice and most effective techniques.