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  1. Invoice Discounting & Factoring

    Factoring and Invoice Discounting is a method used by businesses to convert sales on credit terms for immediate cash flow. 1st Commercial Credit adopts a quick and simple approval process and expedites initial funding in 3 to 5 working days.

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  2. Asset Based Lending

    Asset based lending helps you borrow money based on the value of your assets such as raw materials, stock, debtors, accounts receivable, plant and machinery. 1st Commercial Credit offers higher leverage borrowing ratios than traditional banks.

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  3. Purchase Order Financing

    Purchase order financing is suitable for any wholesaler, reseller, importer or any company that buys and resells goods. 1st Commercial Credit offers a variety of purchase order financing solutions to meet your trade financing needs.

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What Does 1st Commercial Credit Offer?

1st Commercial Credit is a corporate finance company that can benefit many and varied types of businesses in their particular situations. Invoice financial services, asset based lending and purchase order financing could be especially advantageous to those with seasonal or other determining, fluctuating capital demands. Alternatively, it works for companies that because of a variety of situations, find it difficult to arrange the usual type of business loan.

Invoice Financing as Your Line of Credit

Invoice finance could be regarded as being the most effective and efficient methods for a business to raise the cash needed for its daily operations and inherent costs. These generally include paying accounts for services, wages and increasing the inventory. Invoice financing involves using outstanding invoices that were sold on credit terms as collateral. By this method, a company is able to establish what is ostensibly, a line of credit for whatever purpose for a required period, without needing to burden itself with extra term debt, or reducing its equity. Click here for more information about Invoice Discounting or Factoring.

At 1st Commercial Credit, we make factoring and invoice discounting easy to obtain with minimal paperwork. We normally advance 85% to 90% of the value of approved invoices depending on the industry, which is more than what the traditional bank loan facility would fetch for you. Our decisions are not based on financials, tax returns or other collateral offered. But we make our decisions primarily on the invoicing process and credit strength of the account debtor (buyer). We specialize in evaluating and provide factoring or invoice discounting facilities in less than a week. We adopt a simple approval process and we can expedite initial funding in 3 to 5 working days. Our clients can avail the benefits of our prompt service and begin to use their funds within days of completing an application. Click here for more information about Invoice Discounting or Factoring

Invoice Discounting and Factoring rates as low as 0.20% - 2.5%

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(Rates subject to industry and collection cycle)

The Hidden Collateral: Asset Based Lending for Working Capital

1st Commercial Credit can provide lending services based on existing assets of the business. This allows entrepreneurs to strengthen their capacity to borrow funds by utilizing accounts receivable and inventory as collateral. This financial solution is excellent for businesses which have plenty of assets to offer as collateral, but lack working capital in their business. .

Benefits of Asset Based Lending Over Bank Financing

1st Commercial Credit is capable of giving higher advance rates because of our expertise in handling sales ledger valuation. Asset based financing is far better than what banks offer because banks are tied with lending on tangible hard assets. Banks may also consider stock and other tangible assets as guarantee but this usually involves low advance rate. In the event our client already has a bank loan or line of credit, we are able to work along side with the bank and extend our assistance to create an Inter-creditor agreement which binds both our 1st Commercial Credit and the bank. The sales ledger asset will be turned to us and in effect, the client will have the chance to borrow at higher advance rate. 1st Commercial Credit has provided assistance to a lot of companies with insufficient capital. These are companies which have progressive receivables and their growth has become much more than their cash flow intake. This financial solution is ideal for service companies, manufacturers and distributors which have strong balance sheet so that cash flow remains smooth.

Which Industries Qualify for Factoring and Invoice Discounting?


Invoice Discounting and Factoring rates as low as 0.20% - 2.5%

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Call now for details at 0 800 404 9669 

(Rates subject to industry and collection cycle)

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